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Meet Dr. Brennan Williams

“I was never exposed to chiropractic when I was growing up. Playing a lot of high school and college sports left me with chronic low back problems and disc injuries, but I didn’t know how much sports chiropractic would have helped. I went to school for mechanical engineering and had a job in the field when I hurt my back playing basketball. It was so bad, I couldn’t move or function at all!”

I get to see peoples’ lives change every day.”Dr. Brennan

Shelley Chiropractor Dr. Brennan Williams

Dr. Brennan and his wife, Mary

Making a Difference

Dr. Brennan’s wife, Mary, convinced him to visit a chiropractor. After visiting the chiropractor, Dr. Brennan recovered far beyond any solutions that he had tried with his previous injuries.

Looking around his chiropractor’s office, Dr. Brennan thought about what a great profession chiropractic was. He took time off from his job to shadow some chiropractors.

Within a year, he’d quit his job as an engineer and gone back to school to become a chiropractor.

Chiropractic Training

Dr. Brennan attended chiropractic college in St. Louis, MO. He and his wife already had three children when he started school. Their youngest was born while Dr. Brennan was still in chiropractic college.

His family motivated him to take a special interest in pediatrics and pregnancy courses while there. His children even got to participate in his pediatrics courses by letting students in the class adjust them.

Dr. Brennan first became very comfortable adjusting children and pregnant mothers in school. That’s why family chiropractic is such an important aspect of our practice.


Spending Family Time Together

Shelley Chiropractor Dr. Brennan Williams

Dr. Brennan’s family

Dr. Brennan and his wife, Mary, have four children, two boys and two girls. Dr. Brennan is an avid mountain biker.

His family enjoy spending time together by mountain biking, playing games in the backyard or board games and watching family movies. He is an active member of his church.

“It’s my goal to help everyone I can with personalized, natural health care.”

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