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Meet the Shelley Chiropractic Doctors

Dr. Brennan Williams

Shelley Chiropractor Dr. Brennan Williams

Dr. Brennan Williams

After visiting a chiropractor, Dr. Brennan recovered far beyond any solutions that he had tried with his previous injuries. Looking around his chiropractor’s office, Dr. Brennan thought about what a great profession chiropractic was. He took time off from his job to shadow some chiropractors.

Within a year, he’d quit his job as an engineer and gone back to school to become a chiropractor. Read more…


Dr. Jordan Keck

Shelley Chiropractor Dr. Jordan Keck

Dr. Jordan Keck

Dr. Jordan wishes he had realized earlier in life how great Chiropractic care is for your body. Within a few weeks of visiting the chiropractor for the first time after an accident in college, he noticed great improvements. A few weeks later he was amazed that his pain was completely gone!

A strong desire to serve and help people live healthy lives, has always led him toward working in the health care field. It wasn’t until this experience that he knew he wanted to be a chiropractor. Read more…

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