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Techniques and Services

The techniques used for your care will be determined depending on the injuries you have and what you feel works best for you.

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Questions? Ask us! Dr. Brennan is happy to answer any questions you have before and after your adjustment!

Our chiropractic care consists of hands-on manual adjustments, gentle instrument techniques and soft tissue work.

Chiropractic is complemented by the use of several physical therapy modalities and exercises Dr. Brennan may give you.

Chiropractic Techniques:

Additional Services:

Starting Chiropractic Care

Everyone who sees a chiropractor for the first time is a little nervous and unsure of what to expect. You’ll leave our office thinking, “What was I so nervous about? That wasn’t a big deal.”

You’re the boss, and we fully explain everything we’re doing before we do it. You’ll never be surprised, and we only use techniques you’re comfortable with. If you aren’t receptive to a certain technique, just let us know.

Dr. Brennan was a chiropractic skeptic when he first started seeing a chiropractor at age 25. He fully understands the concerns of anyone beginning care.

Do you have questions about what we can do for you? Contact us today and we’ll discuss the many possibilities. (208) 357-0333

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