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Reviews for Shelley Chiropractic


I have less neck pain and more mobility in the neck with regular monthly chiropractic treatment. It has help me enjoy a better quality of life.” Richard Kearsley, Retired


“Give Chiropractic A Try – It Has So Many Benefits”

“I’ve suffered from severe headaches and migraines for 5 years. I’ve seen several doctors and specialists with no luck. Dr. Williams has helped me so much! Under his care in the last year I’ve had less headaches, less back pain, and more consistent sleep. He takes time with each patient and really gets to know them and their needs. Give chiropractic a try – it has so many benefits.

Dr. Williams has done more to help than any other doctor I’ve seen. He truly cares about his patients.”

- Jessica Hallam, Barista

No More Stress-Induced Migraines!

“I carry my stress in my neck and upper shoulders. The constant tightness, pain and stiffness there lead to migraines. My treatment at Shelley Chiropractic has completely made it disappear – unlike even other chiropractic care. Thank you Dr. Williams!

- Meya Fitzgarald, Preschool teacher

Scoliosis Symptoms Relieved!

“With regular chiropractic visits I am able to stay off pain medications. I have greater mobility and less stress throughout the week. I am strong believer in good chiropractic care for treating all kinds of ailments and as preventative care.

I will continue my care as long as I am living! I cant imagine what condition I would be in today with out it!”

- Jill Smoot, Cosmetologist Stress Management

So Happy To Find Dr. Brennan!

“I came here from another state where I had a chiropractor who was very careful and I hated to leave him. I went to several chiropractors before I found Dr. Brennan. He is awesome, listens to me, and does what he can to help me move better. I really feel much better since coming to him.”
- Joann Cheatam

“Dr. Williams Is Excellent With Children & Infants”

“I can maintain my pain and movement levels with Dr. Williams treatments. Dr. Williams is thorough without pushing unnecessary treatments and appointments. Dr. Williams is excellent with children and infants.

My advice: try chiropractic care before doing drastic medical procedures. I love it! It helps me feel better and move better.”
- Sandy Nelleson

Prevented Back Surgery

“I use my neck muscles a lot wearing a heaving welding helmet, causing stiffness and pain. I also need to keep in alignment to help with a herniated disc. Chiropractic care keeps me moving freely and has helped me from having expensive back surgery. It never hurts to try chiropractic care. It really does help and can be used along side other medical treatment.”
- Byron Johnson, Welder

“A Higher Quality Of Life…”

“Coming to a chiropractor has been a great fit for me. I don’t need to take lots of pain meds if I keep to my regular schedule. I have more mobility in both my neck and lower back. Dr. Williams’ work with my neck and jaw has reduced my tension/migraine headaches. I appreciate the care given to me and I know that I have benefited from it. I will maintain my regular treatment schedule to enjoy a higher quality of life.”
- Cheri Warren, School Teacher

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